Question 03 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: Some people die, come back to life and don't have a NDE. Those that do have a NDE see all different things. Why don't they all see and feel the same things?

Answer: Individual consciousness' (people) do not just pop-in and pop-out of the physical experience. Serious thought is given the decision to participate. The individual agrees to abide by the "limitations" and "rules" of the adventure. Then, there is a period of preparation necessary for entering the physical and a period of re-orientation upon returning from the physical back to the spiritual.

Background material:

During the physical experience, from the moment of birth, one is constantly learning and building a "belief system". This belief system contains our knowledge of the world as taught to us by our teachers, parents and peers. We also learn and add to our beliefs through personal experience. This belief system becomes the "filter" of our minds. New knowledge is always filtered through our "old knowledge" beliefs to be checked out. This is how we decide if we will accept this new knowledge. The belief system filter is so powerful that it is capable of completely blocking out data that it deems worthless, unreal or unsubstantial.

Now, belief systems vary greatly from person to person and may contain many conflicting beliefs. People seldom organize their thinking as well as they do their homes or offices. From these beliefs arise thoughts, expectations, intentions, emotions, and the choices we make in our daily lives. Many live so close to their beliefs that they don't recognize them as beliefs. To those people, their beliefs are absolute truths and must be held and defended at all cost.

Back to the original question:

When the body malfunctions or dies, the individual consciousness (person) returns to the spiritual dimension. At the time of arrival, he is still holding on to his physical belief system. This is where the re-orientation process begins. Here, the individual is met by trained "Border Guides" who aid in the orientation back into the spiritual dimension.

These Border Guides (Light Beings) will literally set up, or stage an environment that matches the expectations (belief system) of their arriving guest. They will call in friends, family and other important spiritual beings to help deliver whatever messages are necessary for this particular individual. This will enable them to communicate in surroundings that are comfortable to the person crossing over. From that point of the familiar and expected the orientation can proceed.

Now, how do the Border Guides know when a particular individual is coming? Before entering the physical everyone is assigned a personal guide to watch over them during their physical adventure. They are your constant companion whether you realize it or not. It is their job to notify the Border Guides of your arrival. You are never alone or friendless. You are loved and held safe and secure by God at all times.

What this all means is: that Christians may see Jesus. Islam followers may see Mohammed. Buddha followers may see Buddha. Those that believe in, and want to go to heaven will do so and those who expect hell will find it. Those who believe "when you're dead, you're dead" may see nothing, have no experience at all. Now, please don't think what I say here limits the spiritual. Anything can happen, I am just explaining what is the usual procedure. Also, I am talking here about NDEs. If the person is not coming back to the physical, then the orientation will proceed to more involved circumstances which is not to be covered here.

In summary:

There are three main things that determine what a person sees during a Near Death Experience. First and formost is the personal message to the experiencer. Each NDE is a personal experience designed for the one receiving it. It will contain information that is pertinent only to the recipient. Second is the belief system filter this personal message must flow through and third is the expectations arising from the belief system about what death is like. I hope this explanation will be of some value to you.


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