suicide, the desperate choice.

If you feel unloved and unwanted; thinking no one cares that life has become overwhelming, just impossible. Understand that you are not alone. The suicide rate has tripled among young people in the last few decades. This *rise in suicide rates coincides with the **decline in spirituality among highschool and college students. The high stress levels are apparent everywhere in our society, but the tools to cope with them are diminishing. This is not about religion or belief in God. Spiritual tools do not require a belief in God. The tools are about the feelings, and emotions that produce the negative thoughts. These thoughts can be modified by you with very little effort.

In your willingness to say:
"I will love,"
you walk out of the darkness into the Light.

Thousands of recorded near death experiences have taught us a lot about death. The main thing we have learned is **consciousness continues after death. Yes, you will live after the death of your body. This puts a different perspective on suicide. It also makes life meaningful, and purposeful instead of accidental as many are taught today.

There are many attempted suicides among the recorded near death experiences, about ten of them are posted on this site. There are positive and negative experiences, the positive ones are filled with love, while the negative ones are fearful, like nightmares. Whether it is positive or negative it brings a message to the experiencers that changes their lives forever. In some suicide NDEs the experiencers are sent back to finish their lives in bodies permanently damaged by the attempt. Suicide is not a simple thing.

Listed below are a couple of suicides, one attempted and the other successful. I read these accounts years ago, they serve to illustrated what might happen.

The one that came back:

I read, in a NDE book, about a young girl (11-12) who lived in a disfunctional, abusive family. She wanted to commit suicide so bad that she ran her cardboard box sled into a park bench at high speed. She shattered her jaw and broke her neck. In the resulting NDE, she felt the love, saw the light and followed it to a place where she met a light being. He was in the form of a large face on the other side of an abyss, which she couldn't cross. The light being told her: "It is not your time; you have not finished your life." She pleaded with the light being saying: "I don't want to go back, nobody loves me, I want to stay here with you." The light being replied: "This is true, not even your mother loves you, but this is not of your concern; your job is to learn to love yourself." She was sent back to finish her life, and after a long recovery period (years), from her injuries, she went back to school and became a counselor for young people with emotional problems.

And the one that didn't:

Long out of print; The Other Side, by Bishop Pike; is a very illuminating book. Pike's young son commits suicide and Pike is devastated by the event. He spends the rest of his life looking for a way to communicate with his dead son. In the process he loses most everything that he worked for and once thought important. For years he seeks out anyone that claims to be able to contact the deceased. Going from medium to medium, psychic to psychic he finally finds one that satisfies the strict criteria and secret personal information he required to believe the contact real. He finally communicated with his son. The last four or five pages of this book contain the message he received. His son told him he was very sorry he chose to end his life, and realizes that it was a big mistake. On death, his problems didn't disappear and he was still working them out with the help of guides and counselors. He knew he would come back to the physical, at some point in the future, to finish what he had begun. I found the book open and honest.

In conclusion:

In death, it is only the body that ceases to function. Whatever loves, hates, guilts you had in the physical you will still have in the spiritual. The documentation of hundreds of NDEs and their verification has proven the existence of an afterlife and spiritual world. Even research scientists studying the experiences have admitted to the authenticity of the NDE material. Here is the link to the near death experiences posted on this web site. NDEs. Reading these experiences may help you understand a lot about how to cope with life.

Committing or trying to commit suicide is like trying to run away from yourself. It doesn't work, you can't run away from yourself. It is never an answer to any problem. If you are in an abusive situation, then get help now, tell your teacher, parent, friend, call a hot line 1-800 number. You will find them listed in any phone book. Do something today to help yourself. You are the one who can make it better, but only if you seek help.

Working with your thoughts. There are as many paths in the world as there are people. Each must find his/her own way. This web site is only A path, it is not THE path. You won't find all the answers here, but it may be a beginning for you, if you let it. Look over the method that has helped others. It requires very little of your time and the reward may be improved peace of mind.

You don't have to believe in God, the Spiritual world or anything else to read this material. It may help, no matter what you believe. It may help teach you to trust yourself and love yourself. Just don't give up, keep trying, hang in there, you will be very glad you did.

*Rise in suicide rates
**Consciousness continues after death



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