A Near Death Experience, No. 45.

Car Wreck.

I died as a result of injuries received in a car wreck.

Brief recollections of rising above the scene and seeing my mortal body on the ground below are remembered. Again, brief recollections of travelling at great speed through a tunnel with the light at the end also are remembered.

The most poignant, vivid reality I recall is when I reached the light. I was standing on a grassy hill, to my left was a pulsating orb of pure white and golden light in the sky. I looked ahead and saw a wide valley filled with millions of people dancing and singing and filled with joy. I felt a presence behind me and a hand was placed on my right shoulder pressing me forward. I asked where I was and was answered. My voice seemed to come from within me and the answer also from within.

When we reached the bottom of the hill I could see figures surrounding the outside of the valley. They were facing away from all the people in the valley and spaced about ten feet apart. The people in the valley were bathed in this great light and in total contrast to them were these figures, like tortured statues. Dark, cold, immobile. I was led up to one of these figures and the hair stood up on my head in terror.

Immediately I turned and clung to the person who had led me, for all I was worth. I then woke up in the hospital a day after the accident. This person I believe was Christ and He has allowed me to return to my life to grow spiritually and discover Him in all things.



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