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Believe nothing, O monks, merely because you have been told it... or
because it is traditional, or because you yourselves have imagined it. Do
not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the
teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to
be conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings -- that
doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide.

Gautama Buddha, The Dhammapada

How quickly we tend to believe information read in books, newspapers, or heard on TV without due examination and analysis. How often we repeat what scientists, doctors, or others of title and position say, as if it were truth, rather than theory. We are all truth seekers. Testing what others say is very important. Hold all theories up to the Light of God's unconditional Love. If the Light permeates them, truth has been found.  




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The body is a tool of communication for living in the physical world. It is designed to operate within a limited range of energy frequencies, and can sustain itself without a spiritual presence. This allows "out-of-body" experiences during sleep or meditation. These experiences are necessary to maintain physical life.

In some ways the body can be compared to a space suit allowing us presence in an unfamiliar environment. It acts to shield us from the Oneness of all things, creating the illusion we are separate beings. In this state, we can interact with each other, learning about ourselves in the process.

The brain is thought to be the connection point between the spiritual and the physical. Some believe the pineal gland is the "window" into the spirit world. Many accounts of Near Death Experiences have the words: "I exited my body through the top of my head" or similar phrases. Uri Geller and George Anderson, internationally known psychics, received their "gifts" after sustaining brain injuries.

The brain might be compared to the tuner on a television. As long as the tuner is functioning properly spirit is able to exist within the physical world. But as the body and brain age, or become diseased, then existence in the physical becomes difficult. Just as a malfunctioning TV will fade in and out, so will spirit come and go due to a diseased brain.

However, the spirit of the individual is unharmed by the problems of the body. Just as the television signal is unharmed by a malfunctioning TV. An example of this is shown in (number 90). When the body can no longer be used, the spirit will return home to the Greater Reality. There to review the life, and possibly plan another. It is the choice of the individual.  




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Who are these people . . .

that demand equality for themselves, while discriminating against others?
that ask God for forgiveness, and show intolerance to their neighbor?
that want to be loved, but are unwilling to love?
They are us. Children in the darkness, seeking the light.  




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There seems to be a lot of interest in Near Death Experiences throughout the Health Care field. That is understandable, because many times the first person seen by the NDE experiencer after returning to consciousness will be a doctor or a nurse.

The Near Death Experience, however, is not a disorder of any kind, nor is it a mistake. It is a spiritual event of great magnitude for the individual. When one has a full-blown NDE, it is usually the people around the experiencer that are confused by it, not the experiencer. Experiencers can frequently "read" (number 80) the emotions and thoughts of those nearby, and sometimes see into their future. This is due to the connection with the Oneness the experiencer has just felt. They nearly always want to tell someone about their good fortune, and share the knowledge gained.

At this point, it would be convenient for them to talk to another experiencer. At least someone who is honestly compassionate, and willing to listen without judgement. They will "know" how the listener feels about NDEs, so truthfulness is very important at this time.

All to often, in the past, when an experiencer tried to explain what was seen, it was shrugged off with "it's all in your mind" or "you just dreamed it" or "the medicine caused it." These kind of remarks, (unsubstantiated by facts), cause the individual to doubt themselves, and leads to a longer resolution time for them.

Near Death Experiencers go through a period of resolution. Where they restructure their physical lives to reflect the truths learned from the experience. This process will be unique to each, and may include returning to school, changing jobs, making new friends, and even changing spouses. There is little others can do to help. Personal responsibility is the key to spiritual growth. There is a classical account (number 61) of how one adjusts in the collection of NDEs. This account speaks for me as well as many other experiencers I have shared it with.

The Near Death Experience proves that life continues after death. It proves that man is not just a body. The evidence is so overwhelming that many skeptical scientists have been convinced. NDE experiencers and their experiences should always be treated with respect.  




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Negative NDEs.

"At a group that I conducted, I listened to about 300 people tell their NDEs. They ranged from 9-years-old to those in their mid 80's. From all social levels, educational backgrounds, and nationalities, and I have had one myself."

"Of that group only two expressed fear, though they felt no pain. After a few moments, each said that they realized they were creating this fear. Upon their knowing this they found a world of beauty."

"Interesting thing, that though they did not know each other, both had been in the German death camps. My thought was that there they learned to know pain and death."

"One had seen three black, hooded figures come to get her. The other had found himself on a path way with snakes trying to reach him."

Jack Cuthrell, author of "Letters of the Soul."

I included this quote to show other researchers find only a few negative NDEs. Since NDEers nearly always want to talk to other NDEers, I also doubt the figures of total NDEs being thrown around these days. Some say there are millions of experiencers in the U.S. alone. But you can surf the NDE sites for days, and find very few with more than ten experiences posted. I think this millions figure is greatly exaggerated like the number of negative ones some seem to find. Jack wrote a message on The Near Death Experience that is very good. You may want to read it.  




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Abundant Love

Robert Monroe wrote about his out-of-body experiences. In "Far Journeys" he related how he was taken to the source of Love. As he, and his guides (two light beings) approached, he begin to sob, the Love became so great his guides had to shield him from it. He could do nothing but sob uncontrollable. His tears were of joy, ecstasy, and bliss. He could not get close enough to actually see the Source.

I had a similar experience. As I was recovering from my heart problems, I was taken to a "resort area." There a "light being" came to me that was emanating great love. I started to sob, and he excused himself. A short time later, another "light being" appeared. This one also emanated love, but not as strong, I could talk to him without weeping. He was to help in my recovery.

A Native American told me he would watch his grandfather walk down to a stream close to their village. The grandfather would look out over the water, into the forest beyond. Standing there for a long time with tears rolling down his cheeks. At first the grandson though something was wrong, but later came to understand the beauty and joy his grandfather was experiencing.

Love is the only force in the universe. As we grow spiritually, we will become more powerful in the use of Love. Ultimately, to approach the Source of Love, and become co-creators with God. The goal of life is Love.  




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Adult Material

Adults write and produce the violence on TV and in the movies. It is adults that sell drugs, alcohol, and pornography on the streets of America. It is adults that buy guns. It is adults that our children look to for guidance. When we become kinder, more loving adults, we will have kinder, more loving children, and not one second sooner.  




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God doesn't speak out of rolling thunder or shaking earth, but in the quiet whispers of your mind. Listen for the answer before you ask another question. Don't be impatient with God or others. He always hears, and always answers. God doesn't even notice if you doubt His existence. He Loves you anyway. God never punishes anyone for anything. It is your own thoughts that create your discomfort.  




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God, meaning of

Words are symbols we use to convey thoughts to others. The word "God" has a unique meaning for each of us. What do you mean when you say God?

Here are a few definitions:

1. A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator of the universe.

2. A force, effect, or a manifestation of Love.

3. Infinite Mind; Spirit; Soul; Principle; Life; Truth; Love.

I like all of the above, but it doesn't matter what I think. What do you mean when you talk about, or think about God. If you are not sure, then some further study is in order. Ask others what God means to them and compare notes. You will be surprised to find so much variance.  




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How hard is it for you to say: "I Love You." To your spouse, your children, yourself, and others. There are many that find it very hard. It is not macho. Some think it is weakness to show emotions of compassion and love. They buy into the "tough guy image." Rock hard muscles, holding a machine gun in each hand to fight the evil of our world. They are "tough minded business persons or scientists who follow the facts wherever they go, regardless." Don't let'um see you sweat; crying is for babies, etc. True, there are times to be mentally courageous, but there are also times to be spiritually compassionate. They often come together to show us truth. Are you a whole person, who can do both equally well?

The cruelest, meanest, most macho person in the world can be transformed into a blubbering mass of quivering flesh by a single touch of Love. Armies can be stopped cold, the solders too full of love to fight anymore. Billions have be changed by it, and billions more will be. Love is the most powerful force there is. A spirit guide told me: "One loving thought moves more energy in the universe than does the launching of a 100 satellites into orbit."

Practice saying: "I Love You," often. First to yourself, then others. Don't miss the power of Love.  





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