Questions Frequently Asked about Near Death Experiences.

These questions come from Newsgroups, Email, and Comments on this site. While I have no desire to change anyone's belief system; I do wish to provide as much real information as possible on near death experiences. Everyone is entitled to, and should know all the facts available about a subject before deciding on its authenticity. The titles below are also links to the answers. If you have a question you would like to see here, please email me.

01 -- Is it true that scientists are inducing NDEs by using Ketamine?
02 -- If Ketamine doesn't induce NDEs then what does it do?
03 -- Why do some people die, come back to life and don't have a NDE?
04 -- Why do some people try to say the NDE is not real?
05 -- Just wanted to relate a personal experience.
         I used to be a 100% skeptic,

06 -- How do you find out the spiritual world exists?
07 -- Why don't they put signs, up high in emergency rooms?
08 -- I don't think people who have NDEs are dead, are they?
09 -- What is the position of NDEs in relation to scientific research?
10 -- Why are the Near Death Experiences in the skeptical News Media
         so different than the ones on NDE web sites?

11 -- Are Near Death Experiences anecdotal?
12 -- Do Near Death Experiences prove life continues after death?
13 -- Why do some people have negative NDEs?
14 -- How do they know it is real?
15 -- Which side is right?
16 -- Scientist says brain makes up NDE?
17 -- Is the near death experience a result of dissociation?
18 -- Can science duplicate the NDE?
19 -- Your arguments are convincing, but do any real Doctors
         or Scientists agree with them?

20 -- What is the final argument proving Near Death Experiences are real?
21 -- Why do NDEs cause such profound changes in personality?
22 -- How do Near Death Experiencers see the world
         after their experience?

23 -- Doesn't brain mapping indicate we are not spiritual beings?
24 -- What is the NDE Paradigm?
25 -- What about it, Evolution or Intelligent Design?
26 -- What is it that transforms the near death experiencer's life so completely?
27 -- Are we really created by our brains, as science teaches?
28 -- I need more proof that NDEs are real, do you have any more evidence?
29 -- What is enlightenment, self-discovery, what does it all mean?


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